Water Hash

Our water hash starts with hand-selected premium flower chosen at peak ripeness with optimal trichome production. The material is harvested and immediately frozen to preserve the plant's terpenes. Using only reverse osmosis filtered water, ice, a paddle and micron screen bags for production we are able to capture the cleanest and purest form of the cannabis plant. The finest ice water hash is made from micron bags that range from 70u/160u. .

Live Rosin

Live Rosin is one of our most potent and tasty extracts we produce. Due to the premium nature of our extracts and our care and passion for the artisanal process our live rosin has been refined through an additional process leaving you with a higher potency than traditional rosin. Our live rosin is carefully made from micron bags ranging from 45u/150u.

Live Rosin Batter

Our Live Rosin Batter is hand-whipped and cured to perfection in cold temperatures to preserve and marinate the terpenes and cannabinoids. This form of rosin is a nice smooth creamy consistency that is easy to consume and use. We believe our cold cured process leaves you with the closest representation to the live cannabis plant it was extracted from. Using the mixed micron bags ranging from 45u/150u.

Live Rosin Sauce

Live Rosin Sauce is our most separated consistency leaving you with pure terpenes and THCa crystalline. Through small amounts of heat and pressure we are able to create an environment allowing the THCa crystal to drop out of the terpenes and form visible crystals leaving you with a nice sauce free on any solvents. 

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Live Rosin Cartridges 

Live Rosin Cartridges are one the most flavorful and potent cartridges available today. Just like our live rosin fresh press and batters, we collect the most sought after trichome heads and press them into rosin, only applying heat to create our sauce for our Live Rosin Cartridges. With no additional additives we create a terpene rich, high THC sauce that is ready to grab and go. We believe by using mixed microns ranging from 149u-40u we create the best premium and full flavored Live Rosin Cartridge on the market today.

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